Before and After: Dondi

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Before and After

This is Dondi, our guitarist. He used to weigh nearly 250 in his younger days, and managed to go down to about 160. However, as time went by, the weight started to creep back up. In this picture, he was back up to around 200 lbs:

We worked together on a fat-loss plan, and this is how he looks today:

Despite working in the heart of Makati, he managed to stick to the plan as best as he could. He still has a self-described “mushroom” belly area (ah, the stubborn belly fat), but I’m confident he’ll lose it, quite possibly even before summer.


Bikini Body Sessions

Posted: December 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

The sessions will start on January 18, 2010. They will be held MWF, 7-8 PM.

edit: We’re opening another set of classes, to start on Feb. 22, 2010. MWF, 10-11 am. 🙂

3 Months Eclipse Gym Membership – P4200 (one-time payment)
Personal Trainer Fee – P1500 (payable on a monthly basis)

A maximum of 5 girls per class only. But if there’s enough demand, we might be able to open another class. For inquiries, leave a comment or email me at isaisacoffeejunkie (at)

Before and After

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My before and after. It’s no surprise that I was holding an ice cream cone in the before pic. Haha!

The “before” pic was taken about 1999, and my jeans were size 32. I know that for sure because my chubby guy friend bought them from me afterwards. The “after” shot was taken last month, after years of consistent weight training and eating right.

I think I look a lot younger in my recent picture than I do in the one from 10 years ago!

Men vs. Women

Posted: September 30, 2009 in eating
This can be fat-loss food.

This can be fat-loss food.

When it comes to fat loss, I noticed that the men usually have no problem sticking to it — yes, 4 out of the 4 men who have been consulting with me have lost fat, 18 lbs being the smallest weight loss.

But the women seem to have a harder time. First of all, I noticed that women have a hard time letting go of things like pastries, cake, and sweets. They sneak a bite, and defensively tell me later “it was only a bit!!! It can’t hurt!!!” Well, it can if you’re doing it often enough.

Second, women seem to be afraid of eating protein. Protein is essential if you want to get lean. It won’t make your muscles large and bulky, it will prevent you from losing the muscle mass you already have. And why do you need to retain muscle mass, you ask? Because you burn more calories the more muscle you have. Yes, people — it works a zillion times better than Butterfly Abs!

One of the ladies asked me if she could compromise — like if she stuck to the program only half the time, therefore getting only half the results. She imagined she’d be happy with that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You can’t say “I’ll only eat half this doughnut since I’m on a diet.” Commit to an entire month of all-out effort, and you’ll see infinitely better results than being half-baked for two months.

Why You Will Never Look Like Megan Fox

Posted: September 2, 2009 in training
Wondering how much work it'll take to look like her?

Wondering how much work it'll take to look like her?

No matter how hard you train, no matter how clean your diet, you will never have Megan Fox’s body.*

Why? Because you are not Megan Fox. (Unless of course, you really are Megan Fox, but I’m assuming she doesn’t read my blog.)

People’s bodies are just as individual as their faces. Even Megan Fox’s sister — if she has one — doesn’t have the same body, even if they come from the same genetic pool. Why, even twins have some differences in the way they look. So stop wondering “why don’t I look like her?” Because you won’t, not even with any amount of diet and exercise.

So should you throw in the towel now and resume a sedentary, junk food-filled life? Of course not. You first have to appreciate the fact that you may not have a Victoria’s Secret model body, but you have the ability to make your body the healthiest, best-looking possible.

One of the most common sentiments I hear is “I just want my stomach to get smaller.” Unfortunately, it’s up to your body to decide where it wants to let go of fat first. If it’s in your genes to store fat in the belly, or as in my case, in the hips and thighs, a thousand crunches or leg lifts are not going to do you any good.

It’s frustrating, I know. But perhaps some of the expectations we impose upon ourselves are at times, unrealistic. No one really beats themselves up over not having the exact same fingernail shape as their favorite celebrity. The same should hold true for body shape.

*For the record, I think Ms.Fox’s body needs more muscle tone, but because of her current popularity, let’s just use her as a point of reference.

The Perfect Diet

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Those aren't really her jeans. They belong to her wrestler boyfriend.

Those aren't really her jeans. They belong to her wrestler boyfriend.

“What’s the most effective diet?” That question gets asked a lot. It’s like the quest for the Holy Grail — the search for the diet which will make you slim, trim, and beautiful forever. I know of some people who seem to have tried it all, from Atkins to the Zone. Yet they continue on their search for THE diet. So is there something ineffective about the diets they’ve tried before? No.

The most effective diet is one that you can stick to for the rest of your life. If the diet you are about to embark on requires you to eat nothing but bananas, think about it: are you willing to eat that way the rest of your life? True, you may lose a few pounds during the first few days (provided your willpower doesn’t break and you don’t end up stuffing yourself with sugary food). But rest assured that those pounds will come back as soon as you resume your old eating habits.

Some people think that dieting is a matter of putting all-out effort into losing weight as fast as possible, then resuming their old eating habits once they’ve hit their goals, or when they give up, whichever comes first. Hint: it’s usually the latter.

First of all, this mentality of losing a lot of weight in the shortest time possible is harmful. Sure, the ads all glamorize it (“I lost 10 lbs in one week!”). But they’re out to sell something, remember? Detergent commercials promise you sparkling, pristine white sheets that will make your family love and appreciate you even more, but we don’t seriously expect that to happen. Why should fat-loss ads be any different?

Diets should be sustainable. In training and eating for fat loss, consistency is key. So am I saying that you need to say goodbye to much-loved friends like chocolate and chips forever? A lot of people may say that a life like that isn’t worth living. I will ignore the melodrama, and say that no, you do not have to give these things up permanently. But you will not be able to eat them every single day, and in those quantities.

And not the same diet works for everyone. Just because your friend’s friend lost weight eating nothing but fish doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. I’m not saying that people’s bodies react differently to fish. I’m saying that people’s preferences for food are different, and your friend’s friend may have been able to stick to the diet because she liked fish. If you, on the other hand, don’t enjoy eating our finned friends, you’re going to have a terrible time sticking to the diet. Again, it’s consistency, not the diet per se. The sooner you stop jumping from diet to diet in search for The Diet to End All Diets, the sooner you’ll be on track to permanent fat loss.

“I Have No Choice!”

Posted: August 31, 2009 in eating
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You had no choice but to eat the freebie? What were you doing standing in line in the first place?

You had no choice but to eat the freebie? What were you doing standing in line in the first place?

Last week, a particular person expressed a desire for fat loss to me, so I recommended cutting out all soda, sugar, and high-GI carbs for two weeks. I got this text today: “I was forced to drink a regular soda and eat pasta! What should I do now?”

First of all, no one can ever force you to put anything down your throat, unless perhaps you were in Guantanamo Bay and undergoing some novel form of torture.

This isn’t unusual, though, as I get a lot of “I had no choice” excuses:
“I had no choice but to eat fastfood because I wasn’t able to cook at home.”
“I had no choice but to eat pasta because my mom cooked it and she’ll get mad if I don’t eat it.”
“I had no choice but to eat the chocolate cake because our guest brought it to our house.”

Well, hey, if you have no choice but to do that, you have no choice but to stay fat. You could accept it, and start calling yourself chunky4ever_345 on the net, or you could stop making excuses and honestly commit to a sensible diet. If it entails locking your mom up in her room for the next 6 months so she can’t be offended by you not eating her food, I suggest soundproofing her room first. Of course, there are more diplomatic ways to go about it, but hey, she’s your mom, you figure it out.

In fat loss, we often are our own worst enemies. See, we have ultimate control over what we put in our mouths. Granted, sometimes we don’t know better — like some people genuinely think that eating crackers and drinking sugar-free iced tea all day is the way to fat loss. A little proper Googling, reading, and critical thinking will cure that, though. Once you know better, you have no excuse.

So did I tell Ms.Pasta-and-Soda to go cry and comfort herself with a tub of ice cream since she wrecked her dieting efforts anyway? Of course not. Although adherence to a diet cannot be a half-assed effort, you can’t expect yourself to be able to do it 100%, ALL the time, especially if you’ve never really been on a serious diet. We’re humans living in the age of readily available food, after all. I told her that I hoped she didn’t polish off the entire tray, and to get right back on track.

The next time you think that you have no choice but to eat that tasty, nutritionally-void morsel, think about your real choices. To stay fat, or to suck it in (not literally), and start eating right.