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Before and After: Katrina

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Before and After

Katrina enrolled because she wanted her pre-work figure back. Her goals, specifically, were:

– to be able to join her boyfriend when mountain climbing
– be able to join Fun Runs
– wear her old clothes again
– bring back her confidence

She put a lot of effort and dedication into sticking with the program, and was well-rewarded for it! After 3 months, mountain climbing became a breeze, the fat melted off, and her officemates reacted with “ohmaygad!!! Is that you?!?!” 😀

Katrina’s starting stats:
weight: 164
waistline: 38
hips: 41

weight: 147
waistline: 34
hips: 37


Before and After: Jenie

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Before and After

Jenie had given birth a few months before enrolling, and was looking to lose the baby weight. She was also working at a brokerage firm, requiring her to be at a desk most of the time. Her number one weakness was doughnuts, and had a hard time resisting them when she found some in the ref! 😀

She stuck to the program though, and not only did she lose the baby weight — she also got stronger! She noticed that she no longer got fatigued carrying her baby. Can you say “hot momma?” 😉

Jenie’s starting stats:
waistline: 32.5
hips: 39.5
weight: 134

waistline: 28.5
hips: 38
weight: 124

Before and After: Jeza

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Before and After

Jeza’s lifestyle is typical of the office worker: mostly sedentary, spending long hours at a desk. One of her biggest challenges was eating healthy despite co-workers bringing food like pizza and ice cream everytime someone celebrates a birthday! 🙂

Despite that though, she still managed to make progress and ended up with a 12-lb loss, inspiring her co-workers decide to go on diets of their own. 🙂

Jeza’s starting stats:
waistline: 37
hips: 41
weight: 168

waistline: 35
hips: 39.5
weight: 156

Before and After: JR

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Before and After

This is JR at roughly 255 lbs. His eating habits were, according to him, “the seefood diet plus drinkbeertillidrop.” It took a while to convince him to reveal these pictures.

A closer look. This, according to him, was his “pumpkin phase.” I prefer “tomato,” but I suppose you get the general sentiment:

After leading a sedentary life, he decided to begin weight training. JR’s priority was on strength and performance, and managed to rack up some pretty impressive personal records.
Deadlift: 435 lbs
Squat: 365 lbs
Bench Press: 280 lbs
Power Clean: 234 lbs

And about a year after serious weight training, this is how he looked:

And after a year, he decided to go for a physique transformation as well. The results are quite dramatic, even just 6 months after cleaning up his diet!

Pulling a deadlift in Eclipse, despite an injured knee:

What’s great is that despite all the fat he lost, he didn’t lose strength at all!

I can take absolutely no credit for his training — his forte is really strength and performance training, and the physique came as an incidental. He’s now beginning to train other people, and looks forward in particular to training someone who wants to make the same transformation that he did.

Before and After: Lawrence

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Before and After

Lawrence is a professional drummer. That being said, he is exposed to San Mig Light and pulutan on a very frequent basis. 😀 In 2009, he looked like this, and actually was a bit heavier when we started:

Lawrence today:

He’s still working on his program. Hopefully, we’ll have after-after pictures to post soon. 🙂

Before and After: Dondi

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Before and After

This is Dondi, our guitarist. He used to weigh nearly 250 in his younger days, and managed to go down to about 160. However, as time went by, the weight started to creep back up. In this picture, he was back up to around 200 lbs:

We worked together on a fat-loss plan, and this is how he looks today:

Despite working in the heart of Makati, he managed to stick to the plan as best as he could. He still has a self-described “mushroom” belly area (ah, the stubborn belly fat), but I’m confident he’ll lose it, quite possibly even before summer.

Before and After

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Before and After


My before and after. It’s no surprise that I was holding an ice cream cone in the before pic. Haha!

The “before” pic was taken about 1999, and my jeans were size 32. I know that for sure because my chubby guy friend bought them from me afterwards. The “after” shot was taken last month, after years of consistent weight training and eating right.

I think I look a lot younger in my recent picture than I do in the one from 10 years ago!