Because Fat Loss is not Just About Losing Fat.

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

There are times when I wish I could say that my only objective as a trainer is to help someone lose a certain amount of fat. Life would be much simpler that way, because all we’ll have to rely on is metrics. Nice and objective, yes?

That’s very rarely the case though. I could have two women, one 40 lbs overweight, and the other 10 lbs away from her target weight — and they could feel just the same level of distress about the fat they have to lose.

Honestly speaking, fat loss isn’t about health per se. Sure, after beginning a fitness and proper diet regimen, you’ll end up feeling a lot better and thinking clearer. But except for extreme cases where health is very obviously compromised (eg. doctor says “start exercising and cleaning up your diet or you’re dead in 6 months”), people usually think to get fit because they’re pursuing an ideal.

As much as we want to sublimate our bodies and believe that it’s our personality, our minds, our souls, our skills, or whatever, that makes us what we are, our self-image still is inextricable from our physicality.

Superficial? No. There’s something artistic, and i daresay spiritual, about the pursuit of self-improvement (contrary to what Tyler Durden may say). The desire to better oneself shouldn’t be looked down upon. However, there are people who aren’t so much trying to improve themselves as they are trying to emulate an unrealistic ideal. And that could set up a person for a lifetime of frustration.


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