Before and After: JR

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Before and After

This is JR at roughly 255 lbs. His eating habits were, according to him, “the seefood diet plus drinkbeertillidrop.” It took a while to convince him to reveal these pictures.

A closer look. This, according to him, was his “pumpkin phase.” I prefer “tomato,” but I suppose you get the general sentiment:

After leading a sedentary life, he decided to begin weight training. JR’s priority was on strength and performance, and managed to rack up some pretty impressive personal records.
Deadlift: 435 lbs
Squat: 365 lbs
Bench Press: 280 lbs
Power Clean: 234 lbs

And about a year after serious weight training, this is how he looked:

And after a year, he decided to go for a physique transformation as well. The results are quite dramatic, even just 6 months after cleaning up his diet!

Pulling a deadlift in Eclipse, despite an injured knee:

What’s great is that despite all the fat he lost, he didn’t lose strength at all!

I can take absolutely no credit for his training — his forte is really strength and performance training, and the physique came as an incidental. He’s now beginning to train other people, and looks forward in particular to training someone who wants to make the same transformation that he did.


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