Before and After

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Before and After


My before and after. It’s no surprise that I was holding an ice cream cone in the before pic. Haha!

The “before” pic was taken about 1999, and my jeans were size 32. I know that for sure because my chubby guy friend bought them from me afterwards. The “after” shot was taken last month, after years of consistent weight training and eating right.

I think I look a lot younger in my recent picture than I do in the one from 10 years ago!

  1. Renz says:

    Hello, I linked up your blog to mine as I’m also an advocate of lifting for women and I’d like to convince my friends into this lifestyle. Hope you don’t mind. :). Your result is impressive by the way.

    • isa says:

      Thanks a lot!!! Please leave a link to your blog too, I’d love to check it out. 🙂 Yes, there are so many benefits to having women lift, but the ladies in our lives usually need a lot more convincing. Great to hear from someone like you!

      • Renz says:

        I’m a guy by the way. My blog site is on the blog section. I’ve posted some entries about strength training. My blog is mostly about personal life, strength training, music, and sleight of hand magic. 🙂

  2. Chel says:


    Sana hindi mo na ni-blur yung pic mo.. para mas convincing and I would be able to agree/disagree you look a lot younger.. LOL


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